Tall Ship Sailing in Svalbard 160ft Barquentine 32 Berths This beautiful and comfortable tall ship boasts a worldwide safety certificate, steel hull and acres of sails crewed by a multinational crew including

Blue Clipper

105 ft Gaff Schooner 14 Berths In 2018 and 2019 Tall Ship Blue Clipper will make the Arctic her summer exploration ground.  Here she will spend 5 months exploring this

Donna Wood

Greenland 69ft Ketch 12 Berths She was originally built as a lightship in 1918. Her massive frames and timbers epitomises the high quality of Danish ship building. They build wooden


Antarctica Peninsula – South Georgia and the Falklands 150ft Barque 46 Berths Europa has sailed the world, doubled the Horn, has cruised the Southern Ocean and Antarctica for over a


Greenland 59ft Gaff Schooner 10 Berths The wooden schooner Hildur, is a descendant of the first decked sailing vessels in north Iceland in the 19th century. The knowledge and know-how


Scoresby sound 78 ft Topsail Schooner 12 Berths Opal is a proven ocean going vessel, her schooner rig is elegant and her square sails give you an excuse to climb aloft.


90 ft Gaff Ketch 16 berths Tecla is as close to being our Iceland coastal sailing specialists as you can be without actually being an Viking. This Dutch Tall ship have invested 3