90 ft Gaff Ketch - 16 berths
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90 ft Gaff Ketch 16 berths Tecla is as close to being our Iceland coastal sailing specialists as you can be without actually being an Viking. This Dutch Tall ship have invested 3 whole summers into creating and proving their iconic voyages around the West and North coast which all include a chance to enjoy the NW Fjords and the mighty Hornstrandir Cliffs and National Park. Sailing along this wild coast for leisure and adventure in Iceland is something fishermen do all year around, but is not particularly common amongst Icelanders and we think they are really missing a trick. The West Coast and NW Fjords are where the Viking's settled as there were fjords, anchorages, huge seabird populations and rich meadows. Also if needed Tecla has a completely silent electric engine. Learn more about sailing with Tecla in Iceland and Greenland by following this link