In 2019 Tecla is looking for 12 intrepid explorers to take on the North West passage with them!

Looking for 12 Modern Day Arctic Explorers Classic Sailing are excited to announce the launch of one of those sailing opportunities that should stir the blood of all true adventurers….and

Antarctic Wildlife – What Can I see?

Get Closer to Wildlife on a Tall Ship If you have been captivated by BBC Wildlife programmes like Frozen Planet, be prepared to be blown away by the boldness and

Oceans with Icebergs- A pure pristine Wilderness

Why do we like sailing with Icebergs? It’s not for the risk adverse, but they hold some strange draw. Glittering cliffs or floating icebergs the size of Belguim, playing Russian Roulette

Not just any expedition ship! join a community of like minded adventurers

All of our Tall ships offer a hands on, involved experienced in a smaller, more intimate environment. A great way to explore the polar regions! Read about Kate’s experiences of