Not sealed off and close to nature

Our polar tall-ships are not high out of the water like many modern expedition ships, so when a humpback whale pops his head up to look at you on deck you maybe only be a matter of metres away from it.

You could be sipping a cup of coffee om deck when a fur seal does a back flip right next to you.

Being able to climb the rigging gives you a view from a different dimension. Look down on Weddle Seals resting on a slab of pack ice with shadows of the ships rigging cutting across the scene, or see whales diving under the ship to check we have no barnacles.

Penguins porpoising!

Whilst sailing at 3-8 knots you can see penguins in their natural element as they porpoise in and out the water.

Sleek predators

Admire the speed and elegance of killer whales as they glide effortlessly by like sleek submarines and overtake a 300 ton sailing ship as if wasn’t there!

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Frozen Blue II

If you have been captivated by BBC Wildlife programmes like Frozen Planet, Blue Planet 1 and 2 be prepared to be blown away by the boldness and sheer numbers of wild creatures that inhabit Antarctica and Arctic.

The seas and coasts abound with concentrations of wildlife and sky can be full of albatross or ducks depending on your poles.

Photographer’s Paradise

With digital cameras and wildlife that is totally unfazed and curious about humans, it is surprisingly easy to take wildlife photos as good as the professionals.

Rare wildlife sightings from Antigua include a white humpback whale, belugas, Orca. The polar bear has become a symbol of the plight of Arctic wildlife as the open water increases every summer. There are over 1000 polar bear on the island of Spitsbergen alone.